Is Success a Mindset or Hard Work?

Often those of us who head into a Mind Body or Spirit Business (and the range of businesses is so broad – most of us, no matter what our business, are in an MBS business…..) are looking to not only take our talents to the world, but have some healing to do ourselves.

Very often we are drawn to the business because we want to learn more and how often do we find that our clients mirror what’s going on for us….

Success is a mindset, no doubt about it.  We have to be open to receiving (money) we have to move past any limitations we have about our worthiness and we have to be willing to shine and get back up when we take an arrow or two – and let’s face it, in business we have to be prepared to take an arrow or two and recover.

With that said, Hairy Audacious Action is also required and this includes tenacity, flexibility of mind and business model/products/services, an ability to read market forces and work out what clients “really want” and nothing can replace good old fashioned commitment.

This commitment includes being commited to our own development – I recently made a significant financial investment and began some training with Rebekah Tucker of Sandler Training – I have received some real gems of information and immediately have taken on board what was good for my business and changed or tweaked some aspects of what I am doing and best of all, I feel really good about it!  Our businesses reflect our own growth and development.

What investment in mindset and good old fashioned education and commitment are you willing to make to further your business?

With gratitude