Amazing Speakers Confirmed!

Kerrie Wearing and I (Meredith Collins) are absolutely on a mission to see Practitioners in Mind Body and Spirit businesses increase their exposure and marketing efforts and in turn, earn a living that befits their learnt skills and natural talents.

We are very excited to welcome Danette Hibberd to the Speakers list, as well as Joanne Prior – Mindset Mentor, Philippa Lowe – Publicity Express, Pip McKay – Evolve Now and of course, Kerrie Wearing, emcee and me, Meredith Collins – Social Media Strategist.

Most people who “heal” go into their business to be of great service and to “serve” – this can often come with a raft of problems around marketing, selling and ultimately being paid.  This event is geared to YOUR mind, body and spirit and working to support you to a new level of business – a level which means you can live your dream….

With gratitude

Meredith Collins