Abundance for All?

Just today, I visited my fantastic Kinesiologist and had a good solid “clearing” of some old hooks and aspects around playing a bigger game, receiving, stepping out of others’ shadows and into my own light.

As healers and those connected to supporting, caring for, healing, giving and generally ensuring clients, customers and patients are in a good place, I often see and hear of practitioners who are not in such a great place themselves.

Our Marketing & Selling Your MBS Business is working to take a holistic approach – so we will most definitely showcase the actions needed to make some waves in your business, but we are also going to have a session on receiving, healing and nuturing yourself, so you can in fact run a successful business.

This event is truly very special and geared towards ONLY those in a MBS Business.  Consider that you want others to invest in themselves to be more successful, feel better and grow – remember to be that kind to your business and self.

With gratitude

Meredith & Kerrie