The Sponsorship Package for this event is very generous, for a minimal investment!

Kerrie Wearing is organising the sponsorship packages which will give you 5 tickets to the event, promotion via this site, all promotional material and emails, the Program and the ability to be in front of at least 100 participants who want to better sell and market their Mind Body or Spirit business.

Email Kerrie at kerrie@psychicmedium.com.au for more information on Sponsorship Packages.


2 thoughts on “Sponsors

  1. Hi Kerrie,

    Was speaking to Meredith and thought that being a sponsor at your Mind Body Spirit event might be a good idea for my collaborative network group called ‘The Coach Community’ . Meredith was recently a speaker for us.

    Could you send me through some pricing and requirements as a sponsor as this will be the main determining factor since we are a small non-profiting community.


    • Hi Ange

      We will get the information to you – there will be a number of Coaches and other practitioners at the event also who may be thrilled to tap into the organisation you have created. We would also love to see you take an affiliate link so you can promote the event and be rewarded accordingly.

      Thanks so much

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