We have an amazing line up of women to present and share their knowledge and wisdom from their area of expertise.  This page will be updated before the end of July, with speaker photos.

The Speakers include:

Joanne M Prior is Director of ‘Think Yourself… Successful’. Joanne’s mission is to help women and men who are successful in life but can’t quite seem to get their minds and emotions around ‘how to’ lose weight successfully.  Through a step-by-step process of looking at mindset and how to apply new learning around self, eating and weight Joanne’s clients are provided with the confidence, skills and abilities to never battle with food and weight again.  Joanne’s background is B.Sc. (Nutrition), followed by Post. Grad Studies in Counselling followed by her Reiki Master accreditation.  Joanne is a published author of ‘Think Yourself Thin’ E-Book and a contributing writing for leading Health and Fitness Magazines in Australia.

Rebekah Tucker is the CEO for Sandler Training Sydney Central. Rebekah is an accomplished facilitator and keynote speaker, with a wide range of speaking experience for both large and small audiences. She draws her sales expertise from over 20 years of direct sales, sales management, and business development experience.
Rebekah’s experience is across many vertical markets including IT, Professional Services, Retail, Oil and Gas, Government, Legal, and Pharmaceutical. Rebekah specialises in helping large global IT organisations and small businesses to realise their financial goals and true potential.
At Sandler, one of Rebekah’s roles is to deliver customised corporate training for large global IT organisations. Most of her clients see a return on their annual investment within two to three months.  You can too.

Pip McKay is the CEO of Evolve Now! Mind Institute, the creator of Matrix Therapies and a leader in the field of Coaching and NLP. She is also an exceptional speaker and extraordinary personal coach. What many people don’t know is that she had a 20 year Spiritual Apprenticeship. Pip attributes her ability to be a successful innovator and her deep intuition with clients to the Secret Principals of Consciousness she has learnt.

Pip’s focus is on assisting you to:

  • Clear negative influences so your Core-Self can shine through
  • Find and live your Passion, Purpose and Soul’s Code.
  • Be both Spiritual and Successful

Pip also has a BA Honours Degree and a Dip Ed with Distinction from Sydney Uni where she won the PR Cole memorial prize for excellence. In ‘a previous life’ Pip studied Acting in New York, was an inspiring High School teacher in English and Drama and was an HSC Examiner. She was featured in the book The Secrets of Great Success Coaches Exposed, along with Dr Dimartini and Dr John Gray (Mars and Venus). She also has a range of DVDs, CDs and books on Kid’s Learning Challenges, Overcoming Bullying, NLP, Spiral Dynamics, Clearing Negative Emotions, Inspirational Public Speaking and Matrix Therapies. She is also the creator of Matrix Constellations and Archetypes, Your Quest, Co-Creating the Matrix and The Therapeutic and Transformational Coaching System.

As a service professional or small business owner, you can claim your very own “Unique” space as THE EXPERT in your chosen niche. Using her strategic, yet simple 5 Credibility-Building Pillars For Exceptional Results, Danette Hibberd, International Bestselling Author, NLP Trainer and CEO of ProductFunnelFormula.com and the National Association of Women In Business, will show you how you can establish massive credibility and profitability by quickly becoming the ready-to-expert in your field.

Philippa Lowe – Publicity Express Described as the “PR & Publicity Sat Nav for Small Business” Philippa Lowe shows how generating millions of dollars of free publicity and PR is the secret to:

  • Boosting your business profile;
  • Attracting more customers;
  • Making you the ‘go to’ expert
  • Making sales simple.

Phil’s track record includes:

  • News journalist for ten years, including at the BBC and ABC, where she was awarded the ABC Radio National Prize
  • Owner of a successful PR agency; including international clients Fuji Xerox and Adobe
  • Lecturer in news journalism and media writing at Australia’s leading journalist school, Charles Sturt University.

Drawing on over 20 years of PR and media experience Phil has developed publicity tools and mentoring programs that make it EASY for businesses to do-their-own PR and get great results.

Meredith Collins has many years of experience in social networking and social media, having been an eLearning consultant and mentor for a major College network in NSW, Australia. Meredith now specializes in creating great strategies, implementing, supporting, and maintaining social media for businesses and is active on the main social networks. Honing the many skills and knowledge accumulated over the years, she founded the company Video.Social.Marketing. When asked what she loves about her job….her answer “Seeing clients flourish and prosper and make a real difference for their business in the online space”.  With this attitude and approach, she has been nominated for Entrepreneur and Innovator of the Year in the Suncorp Business Awards.

Meredith holds qualifications in Marketing, eLearning, Adult Education, Neuro Linguistic Programing and Management Communications – all of which are very useful when working with her market and social media.

Like many people, Kerrie’s search for answers began with the loss of a loved one. Dealing with her grief she turned to books and seeking community with others in Spiritual development groups and the Spiritualist church.  It was here that she began to develop her abilities as a medium.

Kerrie’s career continues to go from strength the strength. With the continued growth of ACOM as she and her team help many others to reach their potential. She is managing editor for Australia’s new magazine inSpirit Magazine. Kerrie also appears in the documentary DVD Paranormal Investigators with PR2D and The new Australian series The Believers. Kerrie has is the author of the ebook’s Spirit Guide Wisdom and Unlock Your Psychic Potential.  She is hard at work on her next book Unlock the Medium Within.

In line with her development as a medium, Kerrie’s business acumen has blossomed and in later years she has created connections with with amazing people around the world like Peggy McColl and Arielle Ford, best selling authors.  Kerrie generously brings her talents and connections to share at this very special Event.

Overcoming the Biggest Sales Challenges in the Mind, Body & Spirit Industry:
Thriving in a Tough Economy and Honouring the True Value of Your Gifts/Talents

As a professional in the mind, body and spirit business, the core of your business revolves around your natural talents and gifts.  Business owners in this industry often undervalue or even give away these gifts for free thus undermining the business they are trying to build.

Another big challenge that business owners currently face in this industry is surviving the tough economy.  During a good economy you might be able to get away with classic sales tactics and feature & benefit based selling, but when the market is tougher, prospects’ buying motives change. They become more educated, more reserved and understanding how to survive in this kind of market is critical for small businesses.

  • Uncover areas where you are undervaluing your talents or giving them away for free and learn the impacts on your business.
  • Learn how prospects buying motives can change in a tough economy.
  • Discover what sales approach does work in the mind, body and spirit industry.
  • Learn how to motivate your sales force to take responsibility and stop undervaluing your talents/gifts.
  • Learn how the Sandler approach to selling can help grow your business even in the most difficult market conditions.

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