Scholarship Nomination

This Event promises to be very special!  Congratulations on finding your way to this Page – we want to make you an offer which you may find very valuable.

Very often we forget to invest in ourselves and our businesses and often our business growth is inhibited by what we perceive to be a lack of funds or time to grow our businesses.

We would like to give at least one person who runs or aspires to run a Mind Body Spirit business, the opportunity to change that and shift their mindset around “receiving”.

A scholarship will be offered to a Business Owner who is truly deserving – but we want you to tell us who that Business and person is….

Email and tell us why you would like to nominate the person you have, including:

  • The person’s name
  • Their business type
  • Why they are a worthy recipient of a scholarship

Please note that Scholarship nominations close on 15 August 2010 at 5pm. The winner will be notified by 31 August 2010 and announced on this Page and Facebook on the following pages:

Psychic Medium Kerrie Wearing
Joanne Prior Think Yourself…..

With gratitude and anticipation

Meredith & Kerrie


4 thoughts on “Scholarship Nomination

  1. I have watched Kerry grow spiritually over the years and from where she has come from to where she is today is inspiring in it’s self. I belive Kerry to be able to help any person in any situation wether it be personal, business or spiritual. She has devolloped a great amount of skills in her journey. Kerry is very deserving of this scholar ship, she would make a willing student in any form but most importantly she has the ability to teach, coach and help us develope our spiritualy journy. Any that meets Kerry in there journy will understand how gifted she really is.

    • Hi Joy, thanks for the nomination! To which Kerry do you refer? We are committed to giving a deserving practitioner a real business boost and if you would provide some more details about Kerry, we can award her accordingly. We would love to see you at the event also!

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