Kerrie Wearing talks about her experience …..

Kerrie Wearing presents her thoughts and ideas behind choosing to host the inaugural “Marketing & Selling Your Mind Body Spirit Business”.

With gratitude

Kerrie & Meredith


But It’s Not About The Money…..

Brace yourself, this could be a little contentious and will be sure to raise a hackle or two…..

We have spoken a little about themes coming through MBS business people – a big one is “But it’s not about the money…..”.

Hmmm, then why are you in business, or are you ok to be in a “hobby” – essentially business (should) pay you and a hobby will cost you.

Maybe it’s not about the money and you truly can live by other means.  If we are to be all “MBS” about it, then money is purely an energy exchange and you will have heard this before and you should be receiving energy in return for giving it to clients.

With that said, we live on the earthly plane and in order to survive and even thrive, the vast majority of the population needs an income.

That amount to surive will be different for everyone – to thrive will be different also.  Essentially in this town and country, a 6 figure income will provide you the opportunity to begin to make choices and they will possibly be very different choices to what you are choosing today – or maybe not.

If for you, you say it’s most definitely “Not About The Money” – then my response is – why not make a significant income and GIVE THE REST AWAY!  We can do far more good with money than without it and there will be many deserving charities and people who would say for them, the money makes a significant difference to the work they do and the help they can give.

My goal is to take my children and husband to a place in the world, once per year, to contribute significantly and to teach us massive gratitude for what we have been blessed with at home – first on our list is an Orphange – maybe in Cambodia – My husband to offer great handy skills and love, my children to help their Dad to fix stuff and to play, and me – to contribute and to support the carers and love those children in any way I can and that’s appropriate.  Maybe another trip – a week in an animal shelter – maybe a Thai elephant shelter and we will all shovel elephant poop for a week and sleep on bamboo beds!  These dreams to contribute to the greater good cannot happen without money…..

If it’s not about the money….. maybe some aspect of your new found business success and contribution could be.

Yours in gratitude


A Roomful of Mind Body Spirit Practitioners

On Friday evening, Kerrie Wearing and I had the opportunity and privilege of meeting with a number of local business owners at Jopo, (a great resource for Revesby, owned and lovingly run by Joye Oldham),who have Mind Body or Spirit businesses.

Caterina is an amazing healer and intuitive, Monica a reiki practitioner, Betty is setting up a gift website and “paying it forward”, Mick is a massage therapist, Andrea runs a number of tours and teaches in the world of Spirit and is a reader, Attila is a paranormal investigator, Danni running a home help/administration service, one lady a personal trainer and Nina is looking for what she would like to do in the world of health and wellness.

Every single one of these amazing people are experiencing the very themes that created the Marketing and Selling Your Mind Body Spirit business.  They are masters at what they do, they feel they have a calling to take their gift to the world and they grapple with charging, others asking for their services for free and generally marketing to and securing a larger circle of paying, good quality clients.

It’s frustrating to see these great people not achieving what they feel they can.  The vast majority of them decided to invest in the Mind Body Spirit event because they want to expand their businesses and don’t know how.  They benefited greatly from the information Kerrie and I shared – particularly Kerrie’s figures of business growth through changing her marketing.  We also wanted them to know that growth in our business often is borne of some pain – that we get sick of being asked to provide our services gratis, or feeling undervalued.

Change is not always comfortable, but the result can be much more pleasant to live with!

The EarlyBird special finishes on 15 August!

With gratitude


Abundance for All?

Just today, I visited my fantastic Kinesiologist and had a good solid “clearing” of some old hooks and aspects around playing a bigger game, receiving, stepping out of others’ shadows and into my own light.

As healers and those connected to supporting, caring for, healing, giving and generally ensuring clients, customers and patients are in a good place, I often see and hear of practitioners who are not in such a great place themselves.

Our Marketing & Selling Your MBS Business is working to take a holistic approach – so we will most definitely showcase the actions needed to make some waves in your business, but we are also going to have a session on receiving, healing and nuturing yourself, so you can in fact run a successful business.

This event is truly very special and geared towards ONLY those in a MBS Business.  Consider that you want others to invest in themselves to be more successful, feel better and grow – remember to be that kind to your business and self.

With gratitude

Meredith & Kerrie

Amazing Speakers Confirmed!

Kerrie Wearing and I (Meredith Collins) are absolutely on a mission to see Practitioners in Mind Body and Spirit businesses increase their exposure and marketing efforts and in turn, earn a living that befits their learnt skills and natural talents.

We are very excited to welcome Danette Hibberd to the Speakers list, as well as Joanne Prior – Mindset Mentor, Philippa Lowe – Publicity Express, Pip McKay – Evolve Now and of course, Kerrie Wearing, emcee and me, Meredith Collins – Social Media Strategist.

Most people who “heal” go into their business to be of great service and to “serve” – this can often come with a raft of problems around marketing, selling and ultimately being paid.  This event is geared to YOUR mind, body and spirit and working to support you to a new level of business – a level which means you can live your dream….

With gratitude

Meredith Collins

Marketing Your Mind Body & Spirit Business

Over a cup of tea one day, Psychic Medium Kerrie Wearing and Social Media Professional, Meredith Collins got to discussing their clients, connections and ambitions.

This was a telling conversation.  Meredith shared that she seemed to be drawing to her professionals passionate about healing, helping and promoting well being for clients, patients and customers.  Kerrie’s College, The Australian College of Mediumship, works to teach and promote intuitive living and healing, amongst mediums as well as other businesses.

This was not the only common thread between them.  The theme that was emerging was that Coaches, Mediums, Massage Therapists, Hypnotherapists, Aromatherapists, NLP Practitioners, Kinesiologists and other meaningful professions that contribute successfully, were just not running businesses that befitted their knowledge and value to the community and their clients.

This set Kerrie and Meredith on a mission…..