Attend for Free

Chances are, if you are in a Mind Body or Spirit business, you have colleagues, friends, are in an Association or know other people who also run Mind Body and Spirit businesses.

Becoming an Affiliate (you need to create an EventBrite login to activate the Affiliate Link) for this Event means you will receive 30% of EVERY sale made via your Affiliate link.  Four sales through your Affiliate link means you attend for free and actually receive money in your bank account as well!  Invite and have 10 people attend and you could receive a cheque for as much as $585.50*!

Your colleagues will be appreciative that you have shared this amazing opportunity with them – and they too can sign up for their own Affiliate link to share this great Event with their Associations, colleagues and friends.


Remember to create an EventBrite account and login so that this affiliate link will become active and you can start earning money!

* Note that this figure is calculated on full seminar investment price.  Attendees paying “Early Bird” pricing will reduce the net income amount to the Affiliate.

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