A Roomful of Mind Body Spirit Practitioners

On Friday evening, Kerrie Wearing and I had the opportunity and privilege of meeting with a number of local business owners at Jopo, (a great resource for Revesby, owned and lovingly run by Joye Oldham),who have Mind Body or Spirit businesses.

Caterina is an amazing healer and intuitive, Monica a reiki practitioner, Betty is setting up a gift website and “paying it forward”, Mick is a massage therapist, Andrea runs a number of tours and teaches in the world of Spirit and is a reader, Attila is a paranormal investigator, Danni running a home help/administration service, one lady a personal trainer and Nina is looking for what she would like to do in the world of health and wellness.

Every single one of these amazing people are experiencing the very themes that created the Marketing and Selling Your Mind Body Spirit business.  They are masters at what they do, they feel they have a calling to take their gift to the world and they grapple with charging, others asking for their services for free and generally marketing to and securing a larger circle of paying, good quality clients.

It’s frustrating to see these great people not achieving what they feel they can.  The vast majority of them decided to invest in the Mind Body Spirit event because they want to expand their businesses and don’t know how.  They benefited greatly from the information Kerrie and I shared – particularly Kerrie’s figures of business growth through changing her marketing.  We also wanted them to know that growth in our business often is borne of some pain – that we get sick of being asked to provide our services gratis, or feeling undervalued.

Change is not always comfortable, but the result can be much more pleasant to live with!

The EarlyBird special finishes on 15 August!

With gratitude



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