Amazing Speakers Confirmed!

Kerrie Wearing and I (Meredith Collins) are absolutely on a mission to see Practitioners in Mind Body and Spirit businesses increase their exposure and marketing efforts and in turn, earn a living that befits their learnt skills and natural talents.

We are very excited to welcome Danette Hibberd to the Speakers list, as well as Joanne Prior – Mindset Mentor, Philippa Lowe – Publicity Express, Pip McKay – Evolve Now and of course, Kerrie Wearing, emcee and me, Meredith Collins – Social Media Strategist.

Most people who “heal” go into their business to be of great service and to “serve” – this can often come with a raft of problems around marketing, selling and ultimately being paid.  This event is geared to YOUR mind, body and spirit and working to support you to a new level of business – a level which means you can live your dream….

With gratitude

Meredith Collins


4 thoughts on “Amazing Speakers Confirmed!

  1. I’m thrilled to be a part of this event. It will be awesome to see these practitioners build their businesses to share their messages with the world.

    I look forward to meeting you all there!

  2. Hey there! I came across this blog while I was researching a few health and fitness related terms in Bing earlier today. Once I wound up here I stayed about a little while to browse a few posts… enjoyable stuff. I shall be returning around again down the road for sure.

    • Thanks so much! We are really excited about developing and supporting fabulous practitioners who just need some marketing assistance to really take their talents to the world. Where in the world are you from? Maybe we could make this a travelling road show and hit your neck of the woods one day soon!
      Many thanks

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