Marketing Your Mind Body & Spirit Business

Over a cup of tea one day, Psychic Medium Kerrie Wearing and Social Media Professional, Meredith Collins got to discussing their clients, connections and ambitions.

This was a telling conversation.  Meredith shared that she seemed to be drawing to her professionals passionate about healing, helping and promoting well being for clients, patients and customers.  Kerrie’s College, The Australian College of Mediumship, works to teach and promote intuitive living and healing, amongst mediums as well as other businesses.

This was not the only common thread between them.  The theme that was emerging was that Coaches, Mediums, Massage Therapists, Hypnotherapists, Aromatherapists, NLP Practitioners, Kinesiologists and other meaningful professions that contribute successfully, were just not running businesses that befitted their knowledge and value to the community and their clients.

This set Kerrie and Meredith on a mission…..


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